A Tale of Two Years; My Fibro-Tale

We begin this Fibro-Tale two years ago this month…

Ups n' Downs My Fibro-Tale BookI don’t believe pharmacy was the wrong choice.  In the beginning for me, that is.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last two years it’s that no two single Fibro-tales are exactly the same. No two sets of triggers are exactly the same. Every single one of us has a different Fibro-tale to tell.

I had tumbled a little too far into the abyss. I was dangling by a thread above the danger zone. I decided on the shortcut, quicker results to bring me back from the brink, both physically and mentally.

I filled the first prescription of many more to come. I needed to get “a little bit well” to tackle life head on again. I decided I would deal with the consequences later.

I don’t regret my choice. I believe without medicine and the support of my amazing Doctor I might not be here today sharing my Fibro-Tale with you.

After overcoming some uhhhhh shall we call them set backs? A few months ago I decided it was time to start putting some of what I’ve learned about the many faces of my fibromyalgia to use. Now that the urgent stuff had been taken care of, time to try some new things.

100 Hand Lettered Inspirational Quotes
* book cover

I have decided to test the waters at decreasing the number of medications I am taking and to introduce some non-pharmaceutical healing “practices” into my life.

Why? I have finally reached acceptance. Two years into the fibro-tale that is now my life, I am at long last ready to meet the new me.

Until next time…take care my #SpoonieFriends. Please feel better soon. Shelley

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PPS – Click here for a list of my top 7 Fibro flare triggers. What are yours? Please share.

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