The only certainty is uncertainty

Think you’ve negotiated a fair deal with your Fibromyalgia? Ha, Think again!

With much reluctance (aka denial) on my part and many a negotiation session, about a year ago my Fibro buddy and I made a lifetime commitment. Well, I suppose the actual term is acceptance. I finally accepted that I have Fibromyalgia .

For a bit there I thought maybe we had worked things out.  Believe me when I say, you can’t trust him. Nope, not at all.

With Fibromyalgia the only certainty is uncertainty
Sad Man Trapped Inside Bottle Art Print

When LIVING with the F word….the only certainty is uncertainty.

I have been busy focusing on the physical aspects of Fibromyalgia and learning to LIVE with chronic constant pain.

Accepting that limits are real. Figuring out what they are. Pushing without triggering flare ups.

Learning (mostly the hard way) what my Fibro flare triggers are. Learning to LIVE while attempting to avoid them.

Then, against my will and better judgement I was forced to push so hard physically I’ve been left unable to  do the things that were bringing me joy.

So busy and now I’ve been completely blind sided by another of the many fabulous faces of Fibromylagia.

I haven’t really accepted it yet. I’m not ready to acknowledge it, which means I can’t talk about it. Not yet, anyway.

What I will say though is, that it sucks to be this sad. Especially at this time of year.

I’m tired. Tired of dealing with this bully called Fibromyalgia and I’m tired of being harassed and bullied by some of the people that Fibro has brought into my life.

Hold on Pain Ends
Hope Art Print

I may be tired, I may be in pain and my ability to think may not be what it used to be but I’m not ready to just lay down and give up.

I just need a little bit of rest 😉 Oh what I wouldn’t do for a good night sleep!


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