Distractions, Distractions, Distractions

I’m having one of those days, where I can’t quite keep up with my thoughts nor can I stay on track.  As I’m tackling one task, another pops into my mind which seems like more of a priority. So, then I flip to that one. While on the way to tackle the latest task (not having completed the other) I stumble across a couple more distractions.

I stop in mid track and change direction. Happens to the best of us, right?

Distractions of the Great. New Yorker Cartoon Print Available

Distractions of the Great. New Yorker Cartoon

  Distractions of the Great

Published November 10, 1986
Each of four is thinking about something other than their art: Jane Austen, about her upcoming haircut; Verdi, about chocolate cake; Matisse, of a cat; Mme. Curie, of a beach scene.


Sure we all get distracted and wander off track, to a degree but this inability to focus is way beyond normal. It is so frustrating not being able to get a grip on my thoughts; to keep them focused on just one thing.

It’s like I’ve lost yet more of me to Fibromyalgia.

Some of my greatest professional (and personal) attributes have weakened…

  • quick decision making
  • being able to multi-task
  • prioritizing
  • staying focused

Many days I’m able to reel it in, this ever wandering mind of mine.  Some days, like today though the distractions win out. I get frustrated and upset at not being able to stay on track. So many tasks get started and nothing gets completed. The more frustrated I get, the more easily diverted I am.

Until it becomes almost unbearable and then the exhaustion sweeps over me. You’d think that with the fatigue my mind would slow down, but it doesn’t.

Now I’m stuck with a racing mind, so many ideas, so much to do and I have no strength left. Sleep is not really an option because my mind won’t let me.

So here I sit as I continue trying to PUSH through this entry about distractions that I’ve been trying to finish for what feels like forever.

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  Ha ha friendly reminder to self…






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