Happy Places

Things that make me happy….

Sometimes the pain makes it hard to think. A dose of full on Fibro-Fog makes it pretty difficult to accomplish anything.  It’s at times like that, I try to drift away some place nice.

Creating art makes me happy
12″ x 16″ oil pastel titled Entwined by Shelley Lockwood

When I can, I like to spend my time painting or blending oil pastels…creating art. As much as I enjoy it, some days it physically isn’t going to happen. I take out my supplies, sit looking admiring the colours but nothing happens.  So I put my art stuff away for another day.

When that happens I enjoy checking out other peoples’ art. If there is a silver lining to this new life I’m learning to LIVE, it certainly is re-discovering that Art makes me happy!

I’ve also realized that escaping into the wonderful world of comic books, is like the hobby equivalent to “comfort foods”.  Always a part of my life, it wasn’t until recently that I began to expand my comic book horizons 🙂  Bonus! Finally an interest shared by the whole family! We go to the latest movies (especially Marvel), attend Comic Book Fairs (well one so far but it was the first in the valley) and recently shopped at a Comic Book Store together (as a FAMILY!) Comic Books make me happy!

While learning to live with chronic pain I’m discovering new things and rediscovering forgotten things about myself.  Here is where I will share my happy places.

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