Comic Books Make Me Happy

I‘ve been a fan of comic books for as long as I can remember. I enjoyed reading them even before I could read.

As kids, we always had comic books at our finger tips.  At home, at my Grandmother’s and well, chez pretty much all members of my family. The box was even bigger at our summer cottage. Toddlers to teens alike sitting around reading comic books, especially on rainy days. They remind me of good times; comics bring me to my happy place.

My daughters both look forward to brand spanking new #Archie Comics Digests in their Christmas stockings.

Archie comic books

Archie and the gang have always been my favorite. Though I’m not quite a fan of some of his current spin off series.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t just Archie Comics for me I liked mystery and scary ones too. I was never really into Superhero books, except Wonder Woman.

Thanks to my husband, my two teen daughters and my niece I’ve broadened my horizons. More recently I’ve found myself…

  • anxiously awaiting new movie releases like Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  • new TV shows (followed by plenty of seasons) like The Flash, Agent Carter
  • becoming interested in collectibles (POP Vinyl by Funko my fave)

  • going to the second annual Comic Book Expo Duncan BC
  • got a little crush going on Thor, Iron Man & Drax…oh and Hulk (as portrayed by MR)

Well, enough about my life long relationship with comic books for now.

The point I was taking forever to get to is, comic books take me to  “My Happy Place.

  1.  Comic Books
  2. Art Making My Own and Admiring Others
  3. Just getting started…Movies!


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