Yes I vent about many a negative thing here on I mean let’s face it I’m talking about a growing list of Autoimmune Disorders on a regular basis. Where’s the Happiness in that?

New Happy Pages Colourful Twister
Sometimes Feels Like LIFE is Spinning Out of Control

I am doing my best to stay a “glass half full” person, but it’s tough.

That being said….turns out this new Life I’m to Learning to LIVE has some silver linings. I’m rediscovering forgotten interests, expanding and discovering new ones. I am spending more time with the kids enjoying shared interests like art and movies.

As a FAMILY we are going to comic book themed movies, watching TV Shows like Marvel Agents of Shield and enjoying memorabilia (especially Funko POP).

new comic book characters like Baby Groot
Funko POP Vinyl Baby Groot came home on Monday with VicyB

Sorry got carried away.  My intent was to quickly let you know that I am now adding a new happy section to the blog.

PS Happy Friday! Have a super duper fun filled minimal pain weekend!!

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