Stress or not to Stress? That is the Question…

To Stress or Not to Stress

Churning out Stressful Headlines

Wow! It’s been an interesting winter so far. For me, 2020’s been about physically getting through the winter; keeping the fibro flares at bay and rising above the stress inducing noise that we call The News. 

Can you spell propaganda and lies? 

I should be able to watch the news and take it at face value. Reality is that I’m living at time when I can’t. So I dig a little deeper and learn. Then I form my opinions.

Then again, that being said…lately I find myself increasingly shaking my head and half heartedly joking that we’ve somehow silently slipped from the world I once knew into a really badly written movie or TV show.

I believe I’m living in an historical point in time. An era that will certainly grace the pages of future history books. 

Sure, I want to be aware of current events, to stay ‘au current’, but, not at the price of becoming depressed or riddled with stress.

If it’s something I can help prevent, educate myself about, or prepare for, then by all means I try. But, I’m learning to accept that sometimes a situation needs to unfold. Over thinking it isn’t going to change the outcome, it’ll just damper the journey. Then I remember…

“We’re here for a good time”

So I’m Taking More Time to Do Things That Are Fun.

Sure many of today’s headlines absolutely suck, and living with chronic illness also sucks, but not every minute of every day of my life has to suck!

And so, I keep reminding myself that most things worried about, DO NOT come to pass, and I’m encouraging myself to live in the moment. I’m learning to enjoy the small things in life again, and I’m pushing myself to do things that make me happy.

Take care 💜 Sending gentle hugs and healing vibes your way. Maybe I’ll catch you over on Instagram or Facebook. Thanks for visiting my Fibromyalgia blog.

LOL liking this stress busting swear word colouring book… 

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