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Having  Fibromyalgia is a non stop struggle.  Every day I am trying to LIVE a quality life in spite of it.

There may be no cure yet, but that doesn’t mean people living with Fibromyalgia shouldn’t find ways to bring a little joy into their lives.

I’m doing my best to find ways to make LIVING with Fibromyalgia a little bit better each day for me. Sharing my fibro experiences with other Fibro warriors helps.

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Thanks for visiting my blog 😊 I hope you pop by regularly to read my rambling about the joys of living with Fibromyalgia.

Really though, 👍 I do my best to keep things as positive as I can. Which, since developing Fibro, is sometimes easier said than done. That being said though, I excel at seeing silver linings. Albeit sometimes faint; I’m lucky that way.

I especially enjoy hearing back from people on the blog, Facebook Page and Instagram.

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