Life With Fibromyalgia One Task at a Time

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A big part of my life with Fibromyalgia is figuring out how to stop mentally berating myself over not living up to expectations.

Expectations? Whose Expectations?

Why my own of course. Rationally I’m aware that there is no magic bar that’s been set for me by others. There is no invisible line of measurement being monitored for results. Nobody is judging my achievements let alone defining what those are.

Well, that’s not entirely true. There is me, and I’m quite adept at setting the bar way too high for my current physical state. I’m living a life with Fibromyalgia and I won’t cut myself any slack, nor give myself proper credit for the incredible effort I put into moving around each and every single day of my life.

Life with Fibromyalgia

Rationally, I know this. But, unfortunately that doesn’t make it any easier to accept. Nor does it keep me from constantly nagging myself in my head . It’s exhausting, and so…

I’ve Decided to Try Living my Fibro Life One Task at a Time

Not only will I be taking it one task at a time, I’m going to pat myself on the back whenever I finish one. I’m switching into positive reinforcement mode, stepping away from negative mode and becoming a cheerleader in my mind.

Today is a fibromyalgia day. Not a flare, but rather a not so subtle WARNING ⚠️. If I push too hard there will be consequences.

Here goes, I’m giving encouragement a whirl. Congrats self! You made your bed, swept, took a shower and tidied the kitchen. 🏆

Oh, right, and I also cleaned a toilet! 

Take care my chronic friends 💜 BTW — you’re doing a great job today 👍


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